These interviews will bring out a number of important learning points including:

  • The importance of using key messages.
  • How to identify those key messages.
  • How to sell key messages through techniques such as repetition, sound bites, use of language and other tricks such as telegraphing.
  • Holding the line – how to avoid being led “off-message” by awkward interviewers.
  • Getting back to the point – how to return to your key message when you are led astray.
  • “Down-the-line” – how to deal with an interviewer you can’t see.
  • Technological breakdown – how to reduce the risk of your best laid plans being foiled by dodgy equipment.
  • Editing – why your carefully chosen words of wisdom are often butchered and how to avoid them being turned into mincemeat.
  • Crisis! What crisis? Handling the media in times of trouble.
  • Holding statements – what to say when there’s not much to go on.
  • Breaking news – what to say when there’s too much to go on and the situation’s changing rapidly.
  • Two’s company, three’s a crowd – the dangers of being interviewed with other interviewees.

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