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7Ryms AU01-K1 Microphone Kit (USB)

USB Microphone Kit for PC/Phone Recording and Streaming


AU01-K1 USB Microphone Kit for PC/Phone Recording and Streaming

Presenting the AU01-K1 USB Microphone Kit, meticulously crafted for effortless recording and streaming on your PC or phone. Tailored to cater to the diverse needs of content creators, podcasters, musicians, and gamers, this comprehensive kit offers a professional-grade audio solution across various applications. With the AU01-K1, creators in Pakistan, including those in the 7RYMS community, can now experience unparalleled audio quality. Whether you’re based in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, this kit provides the perfect tools to elevate your content creation, making it an ideal choice for 7RYMS enthusiasts in Pakistan and beyond.

Full Metal Material, Stable and Durable

Crafted from high-quality full metal material, this product stands out for its exceptional stability and durability. The robust construction of the metal ensures not only a solid and reliable build but also acts as a shield against external signal interference. This feature is particularly valuable as it guarantees a stable and uninterrupted performance, making the product well-suited for a variety of applications where signal integrity is paramount. Whether in challenging environments or demanding usage scenarios, the full metal construction instills confidence in the product’s ability to withstand the test of time, providing users with a dependable and long-lasting solution.

Professional Shock-mount and Windscreen, Effectively Filter the Noise

Experience professional-grade audio quality with our meticulously designed shock-mount and high-density windscreen. Engineered to perfection, these accessories work seamlessly to effectively filter out unwanted noises, such as vibration noise and wind noise. The professional shock-mount ensures stability by minimizing vibrations and handling noise, providing a smooth and undisturbed recording or streaming experience. Complementing this, the high-density windscreen acts as a robust barrier against wind noise, maintaining the clarity of your audio even in challenging outdoor conditions. With these essential components, say goodbye to disruptive background sounds and enjoy pristine, noise-free recordings that meet the standards of even the most discerning audio enthusiasts. Elevate your sound recording experience with our professional shock-mount and windscreen, designed to deliver impeccable audio quality.

Equipped with 6 Inch Double-layer Mask Shield to Effectively Filter Airflow

Unleash the full potential of your recordings with the AU01-K1 USB Microphone Kit, featuring an innovative 6-inch double-layer mask shield. This cutting-edge accessory is designed to elevate your recording and streaming experience by effectively filtering airflow and minimizing unwanted background noise. The exquisite double-layer mesh design goes the extra mile in banishing the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality for your PC and phone recordings. With this feature seamlessly integrated into the AU01-K1 kit, you can now achieve professional-grade results without the interference of ambient noises. Elevate your content creation, podcasting, or gaming sessions with the AU01-K1, a USB Microphone Kit that sets a new standard for clarity and precision in PC and phone recording and streaming.

Support All Systems of Computer and Phone

Experience unparalleled versatility with the AU01-K1 USB Microphone Kit, as it seamlessly supports all computer and phone systems. This feature ensures wide compatibility across various platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS systems. Whether you’re recording on a PC or a smartphone, the AU01-K1 is designed to effortlessly integrate with your preferred device, providing users with the flexibility to create, stream, and communicate across multiple platforms. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and embrace a truly universal solution for your audio recording and streaming needs. The AU01-K1 is your go-to USB Microphone Kit, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience across all major operating systems.

Preamp Amplifier and Gain Control

Empower your audio recording experience with the AU01-K1 USB Microphone Kit, featuring a built-in preamp amplifier and gain control. This advanced functionality allows you to take control of your microphone output gain and headphone monitoring volume with the flexibility to adjust them freely according to your specific shooting or recording requirements. Whether you’re capturing nuanced vocals, instruments, or engaging in real-time monitoring, the AU01-K1 puts you in command, ensuring that you achieve the perfect balance and clarity in your audio recordings. With the freedom to fine-tune your settings, this microphone kit caters to your unique needs, providing an exceptional level of customization and precision for content creation, streaming, and professional recording sessions. Elevate your audio game with the AU01-K1, where precision meets control for an unparalleled recording experience.

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